All works chronologically

Dark Spaces

for 10 instruments (2019)  |  16´

Premiere: Wien modern 2019, november 19th 2019, Ensemble Wiener Collage, conductor: René Staar

In diesem Augenblick (At this very moment)

Scenic radio play on a text by Xaver Bayer for narrator, spatialized recordings and instruments (2016 / 2018)  |  56´

Premiere (scenic version): Vienna, november 15th, 2017 (Wien modern 2017)

First broadcast (radiophonic version): may 20th, 2018 (ORF Kunstradio)

Julian Loidl, narratorr; Anna Maria Pammer, soprano; Markus Sepperer, oboe
Ensemble Phace
Johannes Schütt/Martin Leitner/Alfred Reiter, sound engineers

Lines V (Chanukka)

for bass clarinet, violin, cello and accordion (2018)  |  6'

Premiere: Vienna, december 4th, 2018; Ensemble Wiener Collage

Lines IV

for flute, bass clarinet and accordion (2016)  |  6´

Premiere: Spittal an der Drau, november 25th, 2016; Vera Klug, flute; Theodor Burkali, bass clarinet; Christoph Hofer, accordion

Gugging Songs

for mezzo-soprano, reciter, flute, horn, harp and double-bass (2007 / 2015)  |  15´

on texts by schizophrenic patients of The Maria Gugging Psychiatric Clinic

Premiere: Vienna, December 12th, 2015; Lore Lixenberg, mezzo-soprano; Johann Leutgeb, reciter; Sylvie Lacroix, flute; Nevena Sunajac, horn; Gabriele Mossyrsch, harp; Thomas Stempkowski, double-bass; Yuki Morimoto, conductor

Sonatas, Interludes and Interventions

for (un)prepared piano and electronics (2012)  |  50´

commissioned by Wien modern 2012

Premiere: Vienna, November 3rd, 2012; Sven Birch, piano; Wolfgang Suppan and Alexander Stankovski, electronics

La Capricciosa

for violin and piano (2012)  |  3´30´´

Premiere: Vienna, February 21st, 2012; Manon Stankovski, violin; Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano

A House of Mirrors II

for flute, clarinet, percussion, accordion and string trio (2010)  |  12´

Premiere: Linz, November 12th, 2010; Bruckneruni Linz ensemble/Simeon Pironkoff


for one or several guitars (2008)  |  indeterminate duration

published in "Verwegene Wege - New Music from Austria" containing works by B. Furrer, P. Ablinger, B. Strobl, Ch. Diendorfer, G. Schneider, W. Dafeldecker, C. Gadenstätter, Ch.Horvath, H. Jasbar, W. Raditschnig, O. Neuwirth, T. Krinzinger, B. Stangl, K. Schwertsik, W. Seierl, A. Stankovski, J. Takács, H. Wisser (UE31407)

Southeast the Peacock Flies

for flute, 2 violas, Cello and zheng (2007)  |  12´

Premiere: Vienna, April 14th, 2007

Sylvie Lacroix, flute; Petra Ackermann, Andrew Jetzek, violas; Andreas Lindenbaum, Cello; Ming Wang, zheng



for young ensemble and electronics (2006)  |  8´

Premiere: Tulln, September 2nd, 2006 (Musikpalette 2006)

Lines III

for bass clarinet and trombone (2005)  |  13´

Premiere: Bern, December 10th, 2005; Ernesto Molinari, bass clarinet; Uwe Dierksen, trombone

Landscape II

for flute and electronics (2004)  |  15´

Teamwork with Sylvie Lacroix (flute) and Florian Bogner (electronics)

Premiere: Bludenz, November 25th, 2004; Sylvie Lacroix, flute; Florian Bogner and Alexander Stankovski, electronics

Etudes sur la mer

for flute and electronics (2004)  |  12´

Teamwork with Sylvie Lacroix (flute) and Florian Bogner (electronics)

Premiere: Bludenz, November 25th, 2004; Sylvie Lacroix, flute; Florian Bogner and Alexander Stankovski, electronics

Girolamo Frescobaldi: Corrente prima e seconda (Toccate e partite d'intavolatura, Libro primo)

Transcription for piano four-hands (2004)  |  2´15´´

Premiere: Vienna, January 21st, 2004; Mathilde Hoursiangou and Alexander Stankovski, piano


for flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, cello and piano (2004)  |  

Premiere: Vienna, December 21th, 2004; ensemble reconsil/Roland Freisitzer


Landscape I

for flute and electronics (2002 / 2003)  |  18´30´´

Teamwork with Sylvie Lacroix (flute) and Florian Bogner (electronics)

Premiere: Bludenz, December 11th, 2003; Sylvie Lacroix, flute; Florian Bogner and Alexander Stankovski, electronics

Wings, Fragments; the Angel

for reciter and piano (2003)  |  4´

on a text by Ingrid Fichtner


for soprano, baritone, violin, cello, clarinet, percussion and piano (1997 / 1998; Rev.: 2002)  |  20´

on texts by Fernando Pessoa

commissioned by Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF)

Premiere of the first version: Vienna, September 24th, 1998; Anna Maria Pammer, soprano; Jörg Espenkott, baritone; Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert/Peter Burwik

Premiere of the second version: Vienna,  March 11th, 2003; Anna Maria Pammer, soprano; Günther Haumer, baritone; Ensemble on line Vienna/Simeon Pironkoff

Two Pieces for Young Players

for 3 flutes, 4 violins, viola and 2 celli (2002)  |  

[] Geschrieben für die Musikpalette 2002

lieder: um kreisen um formen

for soprano, speaker and piano (1999 / 2001)  |  14´

on texts by Christine Huber

Premiere: Vienna, December 13th, 2000; Anna Maria Pammer, soprano; Alexander Stankovski, spreaker; Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano

Spaces I-IV

for ensemble and electronics (2000)  |  20´

Erste Bank Kompositionspreis (Wien modern 2000)

Premiere: Hanover, October 5th, 2000; Klangforum Wien/Johannes Kalitzke; Wolfgang Musil, electronics

Johann Sebastian Bach: 14 Kanons über die ersten Fundamentalnoten der Aria aus den Goldbergvariationen BWV 1087

for violin, viola, cello, 2 clarinets and bass clarinet (2000)  |  12´

Premiere: Vienna, 28.5.2000; Ensemble Wiener Collage


for 11 instruments (1999)  |  10´

commissioned by ORF and Jeunesse musicale

Premiere: Vienna, June 10th, 1999; ensemble die reihe/Simeon Pironkoff

sätze ansätze

for ensemble (1996 / 1998)  |  15´

Premiere (first version): Linz, February 19th, 1996; Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert/Peter Burwik

Premiere (second version): Linz, March 25th, 1998; Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert/Peter Burwik


aim 'ND scare (after Horace Silver)

for violin, saxophone, clarinet, horn, guitar, piano, double-bass and percussion (1997)  |  3´30´´

Premiere: Vienna,  June 26th, 1997

Andy Schreiber, violin; Boris Hauf, saxophone; Renald Deppe, clarinet; Willi Schweiger, horn; Andy Manndorff, guitar; Christoph Cech, piano; Achim Tang, doule-bass; Stephan Maass, percussion

Mêle Moments

for voice and ensemble (1992)  |  15´

Premiere: Klosterneuburg, November 12th, 1995; Ingrun Fussenegger, mezzo-soprano; Klangforum Wien/Rupert Huber


for tenor saxophone and piano (1995; Rev.: 2000)  |  6´20´´

Premiere of the first version: Berlin, December 5th, 1995; Mark Engebretson, tenor saxophone; Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano

Premiere of the first version: Vienna, December 13th, 2000; Peter Rohrsdorfer, tenor saxophone; Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano


for violin, clarinet, tenor saxophone and piano (1995)  |  7´30´´

commissioned by ÖBV

Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano; Daniel Sepec, violin; Ernesto Molinari, clarinet; Renald Deppe, tenor saxophone


Four Pieces

for (bass-)clarinet, cello and piano (1994)  |  10´

commissioned by Akademie Graz

Premiere: Graz, 1995; Armand Angster, clarinet; Gregory Johns, cello; Bernhard Wambach, piano

Saxophone Quartet

 (1994)  |  10´

Premiere: Vienna, March 20th, 1994; Wiener Saxophonquartett


Scenic chamber music for violin and cello (1993)  |  14´

Premiere: Vienna, November 16th, 1993; Dorothée Kappus, violin; Edda Breit, cello


Jardins symétriques

for alto saxophone, baritone saxophone and piano (1993)  |  5´

Premiere: Vienna, November 16th, 1993; Susan Fancher, alto saxophone; Mark Engebretson, baritone saxophone; Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano

quasi improvvisando

for piano and tape (1992)  |  8´30´´

commissioned by Alte Oper Frankfurt

Premiere: Frankfurt, September 25th, 1992; Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano

Piano Trio

for violin, piano and cello (1990; Rev.: 1993)  |  10´

Premiere: Duisburg, December 6th, 1992; members of Klangforum Wien


for tape (1989 / 1990)  |  8´

on a text by Thomas Bernhard (teamwork with Simeon Pironkoff)

In Movement

Ballet music for orchestra (1987 / 1988)  |  20´

commissioned by Salzburger Landestheater

Premiere: Salzburg, 1988; Orchestra of the Landestheater/Wolfgang Rot; Choreography: Kristina Horvat