Chamber Music

Lines V (Chanukka)

for bass clarinet, violin, cello and accordion (2018)  |  6'

Premiere: Vienna, december 4th, 2018; Ensemble Wiener Collage

Lines IV

for flute, bass clarinet and accordion (2016)  |  6´

Premiere: Spittal an der Drau, november 25th, 2016; Vera Klug, flute; Theodor Burkali, bass clarinet; Christoph Hofer, accordion

Lines III

for bass clarinet and trombone (2005)  |  13´

Premiere: Bern, December 10th, 2005; Ernesto Molinari, bass clarinet; Uwe Dierksen, trombone


for tenor saxophone and piano (1995; Rev.: 2000)  |  6´20´´

Premiere of the first version: Berlin, December 5th, 1995; Mark Engebretson, tenor saxophone; Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano

Premiere of the first version: Vienna, December 13th, 2000; Peter Rohrsdorfer, tenor saxophone; Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano

Four Pieces

for (bass-)clarinet, cello and piano (1994)  |  10´

commissioned by Akademie Graz

Premiere: Graz, 1995; Armand Angster, clarinet; Gregory Johns, cello; Bernhard Wambach, piano

Piano Trio

for violin, piano and cello (1990; Rev.: 1993)  |  10´

Premiere: Duisburg, December 6th, 1992; members of Klangforum Wien