Cinque Madrigali su testi di Giuseppe Ungaretti (2019)  |  9´

World premiere: Graz, January 17th 2020, Cantando Admont (Akiko Ito, soprano; Elina Viluma-Helling, soprano; Cornelia Sonnleithner, alto; Bernd Lambauer, tenor; Ulfried Staber, bass; Cordula Bürgi, musical direction)

In diesem Augenblick (At this very moment)

Scenic radio play on a text by Xaver Bayer for narrator, spatialized recordings and instruments (2016 / 2018)  |  56´

Premiere (scenic version): Vienna, november 15th, 2017 (Wien modern 2017)

First broadcast (radiophonic version): may 20th, 2018 (ORF Kunstradio)

Julian Loidl, narratorr; Anna Maria Pammer, soprano; Markus Sepperer, oboe
Ensemble Phace
Johannes Schütt/Martin Leitner/Alfred Reiter, sound engineers

Gugging Songs

for mezzo-soprano, reciter, flute, horn, harp and double-bass (2007 / 2015)  |  15´

on texts by schizophrenic patients of The Maria Gugging Psychiatric Clinic

Premiere: Vienna, December 12th, 2015; Lore Lixenberg, mezzo-soprano; Johann Leutgeb, reciter; Sylvie Lacroix, flute; Nevena Sunajac, horn; Gabriele Mossyrsch, harp; Thomas Stempkowski, double-bass; Yuki Morimoto, conductor

Wings, Fragments; the Angel

for reciter and piano (2003)  |  4´

on a text by Ingrid Fichtner

lieder: um kreisen um formen

for soprano, speaker and piano (1999 / 2001)  |  14´

on texts by Christine Huber

Premiere: Vienna, December 13th, 2000; Anna Maria Pammer, soprano; Alexander Stankovski, spreaker; Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano


for soprano, baritone, violin, cello, clarinet, percussion and piano (1997 / 1998; Rev.: 2002)  |  20´

on texts by Fernando Pessoa

commissioned by Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF)

Premiere of the first version: Vienna, September 24th, 1998; Anna Maria Pammer, soprano; Jörg Espenkott, baritone; Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert/Peter Burwik

Premiere of the second version: Vienna,  March 11th, 2003; Anna Maria Pammer, soprano; Günther Haumer, baritone; Ensemble on line Vienna/Simeon Pironkoff

Mêle Moments

for voice and ensemble (1992)  |  15´

Premiere: Klosterneuburg, November 12th, 1995; Ingrun Fussenegger, mezzo-soprano; Klangforum Wien/Rupert Huber